JB's birthday, and more sickness

JB's the big 40!! Unfortunately he had to spend most of the week in Montalk working and didn't get home to around 8pm the day of his birthday so we just ordered Chinese food and stayed in. I don't think he minded too much as we had abit of a crazy weekend as our friend Paul and Clare from Dublin came for a visit. I finally got to tell John we are going on the cruise to Canada, 5 days stopping over in Nova Scotia and Halifax. Should be fun and relaxing. We need it.

Last night I interviewed a company to come pet sit Brodie, Fetch! They are a franchise company with good references and insurance so I feel comfortable letting them come to the house. A girl Callie will still overnight and come drop by every 4 hours during the day. Ive never felt comfortable with Brodie staying in a kennel, and since our friend Kira stopped pet sitting we really haven't been away as Ive been reluctant to leave Brodie, but its time to bite the bullet and hope all goes well. I got a good feeling from these guys.

Poor Ryan is sick AGAIN, he came home early from daycare today, after throwing up and has not kept any food or drink down since lunch time, hes also running a very slight fever. Hes also a little floppier than usual, please say a prayer his muscle tone doesn't take a month to recover like it did with the last virus. He has being going great guns recently. I cant wait for him to be out of the day care at the end of this month, its good that hes not kept in a bubble germ wise but these simple viruses, cold and stomach bugs take so much out of him, and he seems to catch them very easily.


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