Poor Brodie!

Well, its hasn't been a good weekend for Brodie. First he went to the groomers Saturday and got the most awful haircut. It was a new girl and I don't know what she was thinking, I had to trim away the hair around his face to make it look OK. They have never seen a PON before so most groomers don't know what to do. Well at least she didn't make him look like a poodle like they did one time!

Then on Sunday John took him up the mountain hiking. Brodies getting a little too chubby so we have been trying to get him out more. He came home with a broken back toe ;-( He must have stubbed it on something. So hes in a splint for a few weeks. He also had the plastic collar but that didn't last more than a day, he looked way too depressed in it so we took it off.


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