Anat Baniel Therapy

Well Ive taken the plunge and started Ryan in some private therapy. Ive decided on a therapist that specializes in the Anat Baniel Method
She seems very nice and knowledgeable so we'll see how it goes for a month or 2 and if it seems to be helping Ryan we'll continue. She focuses more on the transitions instead of positioning and its all based on how movement helps.

From the website:
"This Method is a gentle, non-medical, learning-based approach. Movement and awareness are the main tools utilized for communicating with the brain, providing information the brain requires in order to form missing neural patterns. We have discovered that almost always, regardless of the specific diagnosis, the child’s brain is available for potent learning."

Ryan seems to really like her and was laughing and playing with her hair so that's a great plus. Hopefully a new face, new method will jump start the plateau hes hit, while the EI therapists are good I guess I think he could do better. He responded much better to the evaluator that came by a few months back and has been rolling belly to back ever since when he hadn't done that before that day so I could see that the therapist does make a difference.
On another note, still looking around for another daycare for Ryan, its been tough trying to get everything, safe, stimulating home daycare, that the therapists can go to, that is not really out of my way for work, and where I can delay shots. I'm actually thinking about having someone come to the house 3 days a week and use the Irish lady in NY the other 2 days. Ahhh, decisions decisions.


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