So Ryan's been a little sleepier, floppier and refusing milk for a few days. Yesterday I was out at the barn all day and when I got home John said he had slept all day and refused all liquids (he did eat his solid foods though). I could barely keep him awake and when he was awake he was laughing at nothing. I think he was delirious! I took his temp and it was 105.2 !!! I called the doctor on call and was instructed to give Tylenol and to go to the hospital if the fever didn't come down. Luckily a night in Valley Hospital was not on the cards as the fever came down in a few hours and we all got some sleep. We went to the doctors today and he thinks its just a touch of the flu but sent us for blood work just in case. He was concerned that the fever was so high. Well, at least that gave me a chance to get the last genetics blood work taken that I have been putting of for a while. Basically they drew blood for another chromosome test to look for any translocations and to check Ryan's baseline Ca level. The geneticist doesn't think he will see a problem with this test but wants to have a baseline to compare in the future if anything presents itself. Hes thinking Albrights Osteo Dystrophy which has high Ca levels in older kids. Ryan has a few markers for this like relatively small hands and one pupil bigger than the other but I honestly think the geneticist is reaching at this point ............
The blood work that the ped ordered should be back tomorrow and the geneticist bloodwork should be back in a few weeks.


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