Sippy Cups and Feeding news

Ive been searching high and low for a sippy cup that Ryan will drink from. Some of the ones with the insert in the spout are a little too difficult for him to suck from and he doesnt really get the idea of a straw. But I may have found a winner! A sippy cup though that he will pick up, bring to his mouth and suck from. Its a cheapish Munchkin cup, and has the added bonus that it doesnt have loads of parts, handles are attached to the top, and no valve for the nipple, so less work cleaning etc. Ryans getting the hang of it but I can see it will be a slow process. Hes holding his bottle well now, when he wants too, so it will just be a matter of time for the sippy.

Im going to look into a feeding therapy clinic at one of the hospitals though. Hes having a hard time progressing from the stage 3 baby feed onto regular table food, and isnt motivated so has no pincer grasp yet. Ahhh, whats another appointment in the grand scheme of things!


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