PT evaluation

Ryans 6 month Early intervention review is on Friday, I cant believe he has been recieving therapy for 6 months! Susan his OT feels that hes not making progress as quick as she would like so she set up a PT evaluation to see if he could get more services. We will see what the PT decides on Friday but basically Ryan came out at a 3-5 month level in gross motor with scatterings at 6 month level. He was at a 3 month level 6 months ago so its not great progress but a few really good things came out of the appointment. He rolled over belly to back for the first time 4 times!!! while she was there, proper using his arm and getting his knee under him to push him over! He also sat by himself for a few seconds! When she pulled him up from lying down by the arms his head lag wasnt too bad! this is great news as this has to go before he gets full head control and I have been working on this at home. She gave me some more exercises to do with Ryan which should really help but she was very impressed with how good he is visually, how great his eye contact and attitude is and what a charmer he is. She said he was a PT's dream to work with. So willing to be handled in whatever way they needed too. She was also so incredible positive and nice that I came away from the appointment very upbeat instead of depressed which is what I thought I would be. I was dreading the evaluation but afterwards Im renewed in my certainty that Ryan will meet all his milestones some day!


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