Happy Birthday

Well today was my (cough cough) 37th birthday. We had dinner with John and Judy at a little Italian restaurant in Waldwick. Ryan of course was a superstar and smiled happily from his carseat all through dinner. He can be such a ham to the waitresses, everyone is always so surprised he will sit there like such a good boy. I got a lovely bunch of flowers from J&J, and a bunch from JB. Unfortunatlys JB's were wilted before I could get a pic of them. Heres J&J's.
My mums birthday is the day before mine, attached is the pics I sent to her of Ryan holding her card. Its times like this I really miss my family, and wish we lived on at least the same continent. I just feel like Ryan is missing out on so much that John and I took for granted when we were younger. I was so close to my Granny Boyle and i want him to have that same relationship with my mum. Sorry for the pity party!


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