The Little Things

You know if theres one blessing about having a developmentally delayed infant is that you see everything in slow motion and really learn to acknowledge and appreciate the little things, things that most mothers overlook, don't notice or just take for granted. After waiting 13 weeks for Ryan to smile I don't think I'll ever take that smile for granted. Also his hands were fisted for sooooo long, now when he puts his little palms against me it sends shock waves of appreciation through me, its amazing how much impact a "normal" touch can have on you! And one of the sweetest things he now does is he reaches up to your face when you are feeding him or if you put your face close to him, not to pull your hair or your jewellery like a typical baby would but to just simply touch you. Its the best feeling in the world, and to see those little hands open is truly special.


Erica said…
I love this post because I feel the SAME way. I have to realize that these delays just make us appreciate every single accomplishment. I am thankful for that. I love the name of your blog too! I just described my life to someone that way 2 days ago!
Erica (erobertson74 on babycenter)

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