Ryan went to see Dr Surrow his ENT doctor today to check if he still has fluid before we go on ahead with tubes on Friday. I'll back up a little ......... About 3 months ago Ryan was still not turning towards sound or voices, this is a skill most babies develop around 4 months. I didnt know whether that skill was delayed like all the other skills but I wanted to rule out hearing loss so I made an appointment with an audiologist and he had an ABR test and an OAE.


Turns out after an ABR test he has moderate hearing loss in both ears! He can hear but everything sound under water. The audiologist thought it was due to fluid as his ear drums were making no movement and she thought the fluid had been there for a while and said we should see and Ear nose and throat doctor. The doctor decided to do tubes because although Ryan hasnt had enough ear infections to meet the criteria for tubes, the fluid is causing him hearing loss and its not going away on its own. The doctor didnt want this to be the cause of a speech delay. So its been a month since then as I wanted the cardiologist to check out Ryans heart before putting him under anaesthesia. We see him tomorrow and if all is fine, we do the operation on Friday.
Oh and just a small point, about 2 days after hearing he had hearing loss he started turning towards voices! LOL

Some good news, Ryan was able to tolerate the exersaucer for about 20 mins yesterday without moving around like a drunken sailor. He actually pushed up on his legs. Yeah!!! I think if he can go in the saucer a little each day he will be able to practice being more upright and help those weak trunk and neck muscles along.

John gets home from Ireland tomorrow. He went home for his mums anniversary. I cant believe its been a year since her death already. Its been a tough one.


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