Ear tubes

This morning Ryan had surgery to insert his ear tubes in both ears at Suffern Hospital. He was sooo good about not being fed in the morning and was laughing and grinning all the way to the hospital. The lady that signed us in was Irish living in Pearl River and gave us the name of a babysitter in New City that Im going to follow up with.
We changed Ryan into his little gown and I got into my scrubs. I think I freaked the anesthesiologist out a little by saying he had Hypotonia etc etc, but better he is informed than not. I carried Ryan to the OR and laid him on the table, then they started the gas and I was escorted out to the waiting room where John was waiting. In 15 mins Dr S came back to say all was finished and the operation was sorely needed, Ryans ears were filled with thick pus. He woke up shortly afterward crying, and was a little inconsolable for a while, then he had something to eat and we were discharged. Hes been sleeping most of the day but they said that was normal. Fingers crossed the tubes will help with his hearing and babbling. Poor wee man.


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