We saw Dr Snydor today, Ryans cardiologist. The cystic hygroma that Ryan had in utero is often a marker for heart defects. Although the fetal echo we had at 24 weeks seemed clear the doctors in the NICU detected a murmur and Dr Snydor saw Ryan in the hospital. He has a slight thickening and an irregular shape to his aortic valve. Although the Dr didnt think that this was cause for concern he wanted to see us back this month for a check up and I wanted a heart all clear before putting him under for surgery. Good news today! The irregularity hasnt changed so the Dr gave us the all clear to proceed with the surgery and he doesnt need to see us back until Ryan is 2.
Oh, and just a little pic of Ryan sittin in him Bumbo. This is quite an achievement for him. Although we still have to have something behind him as he throws himslef back when he doesnt want to sit any longer, its great that hes able to keep his head and trunk steady for a little bit.


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